Believe 💜

By Asyikin.

I have many FB friends who came up to me and said really kind words to me, that I'm such a strong woman despite all the challanges. Again, thank you so much for your kind words and prayers for me and my family. I really appreciate you!

Alhamdulillah. I am actually very very thankful because even though my husband is sick, my husband is really supportive. He is always by my side and he always helps me to be better, to be more positive, despite the things that he is facing currently.

In this post, I want to share about the importance and the power of belief. When things get tough in our lives, we start to doubt ourselves, don't we?

We start to THINK that we may NOT make it. Stressing, worrying, imagining things that may go wrong in the future. We actually need to understand, that the human mind is the MOST powerful tool we own, but it can also be the most Destructive!

And we need to learn how to take control of the direction of our mind and our emotions. When writing the story of your life – make sure YOU hold the pen. Make sure not only that you hold the pen, but you write the script from your heart. Be brave when writing your script, it’s your story and there are NO LIMITS to what you can have, what you can do or what you can be, inshaAllah.

You have to prove it to yourself that you want it bad enough, bad enough till it’s going to hurt you not to get it. And that’s when you’re going to learn to conquer your mind. Your mind will no longer be able to say no, because your inner heart and mind are aligned, and now NOTHING can stop you, inshaAllah!

Ok I understand that it's actually easy to be all positive and consistent when everything is going your way. But that’s not life, that’s not realistic!

Are you going to be one of the very few to stand up when things are tough, when everything is going against you?

YOUR story is valuable!
YOUR story of success!
You cannot build a STORY if you stop now. If you give up.

The world needs you to STAND UP – to fight through your challenging moments.
To SHINE through the dark times.

There will always be doubters, people trying to put you down so they can feel higher, but you got to STAY TRUE TO Yourself. BELIEVE in your mind. Then one day, inshaAllah, you will have your moment.

Because ANYTHING is possible inshaAllah, if you just BELIEVE!
You just believe. Believe in yourself, in your capabilities, Believe in God, then do the work towards your goals and dreams, and let God do the rest for you.

Ok that's all I want to share with all of you today. Do know that you matter, and you are worth it. Remember, life challenges are inevitable, no matter how hard life is for you right now, always keep moving and stay hopeful always!


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