Want To Avoid Motivation Burnout? Remember These 3 Tips 💜

By Asyikin.

When we think about our new goals, it is easy to get really enthusiastic about it right? And then what usually happens next is that we immediately start working hard, and then COMPLETELY burning ourselves out just 1 week later!

For most of us, it’s like an annual event, usually starting in January. Maybe you want to lose weight and diet, but within a month you can't keep at it for some reasons.

If your goals are related to financial plans, maybe you plan to save a specific amount within 1 year, but within half a year, your savings doesn't seem to grow.

A lot of self-help out there tell you to set big goals, to get really motivated and inspired, yes?

Although this is a good idea, it can easily lead to motivation burnout. For example, during a marathon, you don’t start the marathon by sprinting in your first kilometre right? So don't run your life that way or you'll be exhausted really fast!

💜 We are in it for the Long Haul!

It's not just for a few months, or a few years - it's for many, many, many years. 😎

You have an ENTIRE life to grow, inshaAllah.

Trying to do it ALL in the next thirty days is going to cause you to crash and burn, and you will experience burnout!

Fast growth is good, but unless it is sustainable, you will end up going in circles. I really believe that CHANGING your habits is a KEY part to achieving your goals!

But you cannot do it ALL at once.

It takes at least a month for you to change just ONE small habit. In the short-term, this will seem painfully slow, but after a year or two of doing, it can COMPLETELY change the patterns in your life inshaAllah!

💜 See the Now, See the Future, See the Next Step!

See the NOW - Figure out exactly where you are right now.

See the FUTURE - Figure out exactly where you want to go.

See the NEXT STEP - Figure out exactly what you need to do next.

These are very simple steps which many people aren't aware of.

I think the real reason people don’t slow down is because most people cannot VISUALISE how A SINGLE step contributes to the END result!Your next action often seems insignificant compared to the WHOLE.

Ok, so be clear of these 3 steps - The NOW, the FUTURE and the NEXT STEP.

💜 It is a Gradual Process.

I don’t blame people for wanting to grow really FAST. When you look at successful people, often their success appears to skyrocket.

A tipping point may cause your growth to appear fast. But what is missing is all the tiny steps of failures and improvements that went in before that point.

Plan out your motivation to avoid burnout. Take things one step at a time, and focus on the things that YOU, not anyone else, but YOU, can handle before moving forward.

This approach may seem painfully slow. But the beauty of a gradual process is that it is actually the fastest strategy in the long-run, inshaAllah.

Ok so those are some of the tips that may help you avoid motivation burnout. Hope they have been beneficial for you. Thank you for reading, liking and sharing everyone! 😊

Remember, life challenges are inevitable. No matter how hard life is at the moment, keep moving forward and stay hopeful always! Bye! ❤️💜

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