Love Your Mornings!

By Asyikin.

If you wish to be a morning person and love your mornings, do read on because I will be sharing with you on how you can do so!

I came across a great article online by Simplicity Relished and today I’m going to share on how to go about becoming a morning person, and loving it!

I can really relate to the article because I used to have difficulties in waking up in the morning and do stuffs, but I am a morning person now and I’m really loving it, Alhamdulillah!

What I like about being a morning person is that I love the quiet time I get at home without feeling rushed.

And I love having the choice in the morning to decide what is going to matter that day.

In other words, mornings give benefits that evenings don’t. Let me just share a few benefits of mornings…

(1) Waking up in the morning gives the opportunity to do your best at something that really matter to you and you won’t be tired from a whole day because you just woke up!

(2) Waking up in the morning gives the quietness in which you are able do some reflection, planning, prayers, and hope for a day to go better than expectations.

(3) and, waking up in the morning also gives the calmness to finish off those unfinished work from the previous busy day.

Alright, so do you want to become a morning person?

Everyone’s schedules are different, but there is one thing most of us have in common:

and that is… we don’t get to lie around in our pyjamas, till afternoon!

Instead, whether we work at home, work at an office, attend school, or send others to the office or to school, our mornings are often packed even before we step out the door!

You must be agreeing with me here.

Yes, all of us have a thousands things to do every single day!

So what are the steps to loving your mornings?

From the article, it mentioned that it generally starts with an evaluation.

🌟 STEP 1: To evaluate your current mornings

How would you like to feel in the morning?

Do you want to feel Calm? Energised? Motivated? Feel being efficient?

So, you take note and be aware of what emotions you wish to feel.

For myself, I love the feeling of calmness and being peaceful in the morning.

Then, you choose activities that will actually help you give those emotions.

Waking up early doesn’t mean you start working earlier, no.

It might mean simply starting to empty your basket of dirty clothes into the washing machine, or preparing a meal for your loved ones, or listening to an audiobook, or writing in your journal while sipping a cup of tea.

🌟 STEP 2: Adjust your sleep schedule by 15 minutes each day

No need to get up at 4am immediately. That is not possible! Especially when you are so used to waking up later than that!

Start slowly and work your way up. But don’t hit the snooze button! So, wake up by 15 minutes earlier day by day.

With your extra time each day as you adjust, do something that gets your body to wake up.

It could be making that first cup of coffee, or stepping outside of your house (even at the front gate or your house corridor, or if not, just like me, I stand by my room window and look out of the window) for a few minutes of fresh air or enjoy looking at the calmness of things especially when many are still asleep.

Enjoy the peace.

🌟 STEP 3: Start with one thing you love

What is it that you want to do in the mornings?

Eat a full breakfast? Go to gym? Do you love to read or write?

Give yourself time to experiment with what works well. And make sure to include a few buffer minutes so that you still leave your house on time!

🌟 STEP 4: Begin to make it as a routine

We humans are capable of learning nearly any behaviour as long as it’s repeated enough.

So keep doing it every day and make it a habit, a routine! You can even add in your family members to join in with you, but if you need the time alone, then just be by yourself.

🌟 STEP 5: Maintain your routine, even on the weekends

So, the bottom line is to use your mornings well, and you will love it! The challenge to become a morning person is in the beginning. But once we begin to shift our schedules, we find that mornings offer so much more than evenings do.

Alright, that’s all for my sharing today.

I hope you find it useful, whether you need time to be alone, to prepare yourself, to pursue a personal goal, or to carefully plan your day, I hope you will fall in love with mornings, just like me!

By the way, I do have more tips on how to be a morning person, just reach out to me and I’m more than happy to share them with you!

Please like, comment or share this post so others can benefit from it too, inshaAllah 💜

Remember, life challenges are inevitable. But no matter what happens, Keep Moving Forward and Stay Hopeful Always!


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