Success can be disappointing. Here’s how you can avoid feeling that way.

By Razzalie.

All of us are in pursuit of our own success in our own journey right? And I am sure you all can agree how challenging it can be.

But, you know what happens when you actually succeed? There will be people around you who feel that success comes easy for you.

It is usually one of 2 things - they will compare. They will say you have that quality and they don’t. They will say you have the advantage over them. They feel that everything has been laid out for you on a silver platter and that’s why you succeed.

Or they will feel that they are ethically or morally superior than you. They feel that the reason you succeed is because you must have done something that is not ethical or something that is not morally right. They feel that you must have cheated your way towards success.

Either way, they will feel that success comes easy for you to the point that they feel that it’s unfair that you get to achieve that success.

I am saying this not to discourage you. I want you to be prepared. Cos this WILL happen. Just be prepared and be aware. There will be people around who feel that way about your success.

You know, when we succeed in something, we do want the people around us to congratulate us or something, don’t we? Especially when it takes our blood, sweat and tears to reach that level of success.

But, for them, the ones who feel either one of those 2 things I mentioned, they won’t. They will not congratulate you. Just be prepared and don’t expect that.

In fact, they will find something to criticise on. Something that won’t reflect badly on them or make them feel like they’ve been ‘found out’ about how they really feel about your success.

But they will find something to pick on, some mistakes you made, that will dim the light on your success. Even if these happened years ago. Or even if these are not even true.

I’m telling you this so that you can understand why this happen. So that you have an idea about their thought process. And if you get defensive about it, it will only reinforce their negative perceptions about you and your success.

So, by being aware and understanding what’s going on, why they do what they do, why they say the things they say, why they think like that, it helps you to behave professionally. And in fact, it will make you be in the state of gratitude and humility all the time.

So don’t worry about them. Lower your expectations, or even better, don’t expect. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate your success.

Don’t wait for others to do that. You go and do that. And, remember, be in that state of gratitude cos after all, the only reason you achieve your success is because of God’s Will.

So, just be the bigger person. Be so positive that you can influence others to be positive. It matters.

The reason why you have been blessed with your journey that is filled with so much struggles as you reach your success is because you are supposed to share your journey and inspire others.

The bigger your struggles, the bigger it is your responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others.

I know this is easier said than done, but just have the intention and God will guide us.

What I am sharing today is especially a reminder for me first and foremost. Writing about it helps to reinforce my understanding about this matter.

Ok, I hope what I’ve shared makes sense to you and will help you in any way. Thank you for reading. If you feel that this might benefit the people you know, feel free to share this post.

Anyway, remember, challenges in life are inevitable as we continue on our journey towards success. But, no matter what, just keep moving forward, and stay hopeful always.


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