3 Things That Might Make You Give Up On Your Dreams - And Why They Shouldn’t!

By Asyikin.

Are you struggling in trying to stay on track towards your dreams? I’ll be sharing 3 reasons on why you shouldn’t give up on your dreams k.

I hope it will bring some light to you inshaAllah 💜

You know when we begin to do something new, like a new venture or something that is outside of your comfort zone, it is very exciting and also very scary, right?

At the beginning, you will feel very inspired, but, when the planning stage turns into the execution stage, somehow you will find yourself wondering…. if you should have started at all in the first place.

Sounds familiar?

Ok in this post, I’m going to share 3 things that might make you give up on your dreams - and why they shouldn’t!

💜1. It’s too hard!!!!

When we start ANYTHING new, yes, it is going to be tough. But that means you’re learning lots of lessons. Maybe you are not achieving your goals yet, but, you are experiencing personal growth! And that is super amazing ok.

When it comes to things like building a business, …

2 Tips On How To Cope With Everyday Problems

By Asyikin.

Everyone has stress. It is a normal part of life.

You can feel stress in your body when you have too much to do or when you don’t have enough sleep.

You can also feel stressed when you worry about things like your job, about money, about relationships, or a friend or family member who is sick or in some kind of problems.

If you are feeling stressed, there are steps you can take to feel better. I’m going to share 2 with you today.

But whatever I share, do remember that overcoming stress WILL NOT come from a half-hearted effort, and you will NOT see the results overnight.

It will take determination, persistence and time, inshaAllah. Some suggestions may help immediately, but if your stress level doesn’t seem to improve, it may require more attention or some lifestyle changes, alright?

💜 OK, so TIP #1… is to be realistic.

If you feel overwhelmed by some activities in your life, learn to say NO!

If you feel that the activity is not necessary, learn to eliminate it. You may be…

Believe 💜

By Asyikin.

I have many FB friends who came up to me and said really kind words to me, that I'm such a strong woman despite all the challanges. Again, thank you so much for your kind words and prayers for me and my family. I really appreciate you!

Alhamdulillah. I am actually very very thankful because even though my husband is sick, my husband is really supportive. He is always by my side and he always helps me to be better, to be more positive, despite the things that he is facing currently.

In this post, I want to share about the importance and the power of belief. When things get tough in our lives, we start to doubt ourselves, don't we?

We start to THINK that we may NOT make it. Stressing, worrying, imagining things that may go wrong in the future. We actually need to understand, that the human mind is the MOST powerful tool we own, but it can also be the most Destructive!

And we need to learn how to take control of the direction of our mind and our emotions. When writing…

Love Your Mornings!

By Asyikin.

If you wish to be a morning person and love your mornings, do read on because I will be sharing with you on how you can do so!

I came across a great article online by Simplicity Relished and today I’m going to share on how to go about becoming a morning person, and loving it!

I can really relate to the article because I used to have difficulties in waking up in the morning and do stuffs, but I am a morning person now and I’m really loving it, Alhamdulillah!

What I like about being a morning person is that I love the quiet time I get at home without feeling rushed.

And I love having the choice in the morning to decide what is going to matter that day.

In other words, mornings give benefits that evenings don’t. Let me just share a few benefits of mornings…

(1) Waking up in the morning gives the opportunity to do your best at something that really matter to you and you won’t be tired from a whole day because you just woke up!

(2) Waking up in the morning gives the quietness in …

Want To Avoid Motivation Burnout? Remember These 3 Tips 💜

By Asyikin.

When we think about our new goals, it is easy to get really enthusiastic about it right? And then what usually happens next is that we immediately start working hard, and then COMPLETELY burning ourselves out just 1 week later!

For most of us, it’s like an annual event, usually starting in January. Maybe you want to lose weight and diet, but within a month you can't keep at it for some reasons.

If your goals are related to financial plans, maybe you plan to save a specific amount within 1 year, but within half a year, your savings doesn't seem to grow.

A lot of self-help out there tell you to set big goals, to get really motivated and inspired, yes?

Although this is a good idea, it can easily lead to motivation burnout. For example, during a marathon, you don’t start the marathon by sprinting in your first kilometre right? So don't run your life that way or you'll be exhausted really fast!

💜 We are in it for the Long Haul!

It's not just for a few month…

I time travel on a daily basis!

By Razzalie.

I’m sure most of you might have, at one point or another in your lives, felt that you were being too harsh on yourself, beating yourself up, most probably because of mistakes you made.

For those suffering from social anxiety, not only are we doing that for mistakes made, we are also being overly critical of ourselves for almost everything we do daily.

Either way, whether you have social anxiety or not, I want to share a therapist’s advice, which I feel would benefit everyone. He shared some advice about being overly critical and making unfair judgement of ourselves.

How many of you tend to over think things? I admit, I do.

I actually engage in time travel! Well not exactly like Back to the Future, but it’s a form of time travel.

It’s because, social anxiety, like many other forms of anxiety, shares the cognitive process of “time travelling,” which means I am often thinking 10 steps ahead of what is actually happening.

I tend to make predictions about the future, which are…

3 Simple Tips To Move Forward That Most People Overlook When Experiencing Setbacks

By Asyikin.

Sometimes you feel very driven and motivated, and sometimes you feel totally down and you feel like a loser. There are also times when you accomplish many amazing things and you achieve your goals, and there are also times when you hit roadblocks and you are facing the challenges, and you are like, you are NOT sure whether or not you are on the right path.

I'm sure many of us experience all of these before in life.

Steve Jobs once said in a speech at Stanford, he said "Sometimes life is going to hit you in the head with a brick. Don’t lose faith."

Ok, it may not be easy, but keep moving forward and be hopeful, don't lose faith. And understand that it is NOT what you go through that defines you - it is how you DEAL with them 😊😊

So, it is your choice and your decision that make your life. It is what you do that makes you, YOU! OK, So..choose to do the right thing to live a meaningful life, inshaAllah.

Ok so here are a few tips that I want to share that I …